Make your own Espresso Buzzer

October 18th, 2014

My girlfriend uses a “Moka Express”-style stovetop Bialetti espresso-maker most mornings for her cappuccino. These devices are wonderful, reliable, and simple, but they have a nearly fatal flaw. A basin collects the espresso as it condenses, and for the five minutes before the steam brewing happens, there will be no indication of anything happening. Then espresso will start to quietly gurgle up, and if you don’t stop the process in the 20 seconds after it starts, the drink will be ruined.

I built a simple device to solve this problem. It has two wires that sit in the basin, and a loud buzzer that sounds as soon as coffee touches them.


How it works

Here is the circuit diagram for the coffee buzzer, designed to be powered by a 9V battery:


The core of the coffee buzzer is a simple voltage divider. Normally, when the device is not in coffee, the resistance through the air between the two leads on the left (labeled “LOAD”) is very high. As a result, the entire voltage from 9V battery is applied to that gap, so that the voltage across the 500 KΩ resistor is 0.

The IRF1104 is a simple MOSFET, which acts like a voltage-controlled switch. With no voltage across the resistor, the MOSFET is off, so the buzzer doesn’t sound.

To turn the MOSFET on, the voltage across the 500 KΩ resistor needs to be about 2 V. As a result, anything between the two LOAD leads with a resistance of less than about 2000 KΩ will cause the buzzer to turn on.


Coffee resistance seems to vary quite a bit, and the 137 KΩ shown here is on the low end. For this, you need a resistor of at least 40 KΩ. I suggest using something higher, so the detector will be more sensitive.

What you need


You will need wire-strippers, a multimeter (to check your circuit), and a soldering iron (to put everything together).

strippers multimeter solder



These wires will be the main detector of the coffee buzzer.


Here I use a 1500 KΩ resistor, so the buzzer will sound for resistances less than 5000 KΩ will be detected. Make sure that you use a resistor of more than 300 KΩ.


The MOSFET is a voltage controlled switch, and it’s what allows the buzzer to get plenty of current even though there’s a lot of resistance for current moving through the coffee.

connector buzzers battery

You can get a 9V battery connector (top) and a buzzer (middle, rated for between 4 and 8 V) at RadioShack or from DigiKey. And, of course, the battery itself (not included).

Optional (but highly recommended!)


A simple switch (which may look very different from this one) is a great way to build an integrity tester into the device itself.


A breadboard will let you put the whole circuit together and test it before you solder it.


Wires like these make plugging everything into a breadboard easier.


I suggest taping up the whole device after you solder it, both for protection and to keep everything in one tight package.

How to make an Espresso Buzzer

Start by preparing the detector wires (the black and white wires above). Take at least 30 cm of wire, so the device can sit on the counter away from the flame. Use the wire stripper to strip one end of the wires for use in the circuit. You may want to strip the “detection” end, or not: if you leave the detector end unstripped, the buzzer won’t go off prematurely when if both wires touch the bottom of the basin, but you’ll have to wipe off the end of the wires to get them to stop buzzing once they have started.

Now connect all of the pieces on the breadboard. Here’s one arrangement:


If you aren’t sure how to use a breadboard or how to read a circuit diagram, you can still make the buzzer by skipping this step and soldering the wires together as specified below.

Once everything is connected on the breadboard, you should be able to test the coffee buzzer. If you use a switch, pressing it should make the buzzer sound. Then make a little experimental coffee, and dip the leads into the coffee to check that it works.

Next, solder it all together. As you can see in the circuit diagram, you want to solder together the following groups of wires:

  • Ground: The black wire from the battery connector; one wire from the resistor; and the source lead on the MOSFET (furthest right).
  • Power: The red wire from the battery connector; one wire from the buzzer; the (stripped) circuit end of one of the detector wires; and optionally one end of the switch.
  • Gate: The (stripped) circuit end of the other detector wire; the other end of the resistor; the gate lead on the MOSFET (furthest left); and optionally the other end of the switch.
  • Buzzer: The gate lead on the MOSFET (middle); and the remaining wire to the buzzer.


After you have soldered everything together, test it and then wrap tape around it all.


The results

That’s it! Now, to use it, place the detector leads at the bottom of the coffee basin. I suggest putting a bend into the wires a couple inches from the end, so they can sit easily in the basin. If you’ve stripped the ends, the buzzer may buzz when the leads touch the base, but if you just let them go at this point, one wire will sit slightly above the other and just millimeters away from the bottom for perfect detection.


As soon as the coffee reaches a level where both leads are submerged, the detector will start buzzing!




Wine and Cheese Party Score Sheet

October 20th, 2011

I held a really fun wine and cheese party a while back. For it, we gave everyone a score card for rating and remembering the cups and curds that they liked. Here it is, for anyone who wants to reuse or recycle it!

Download as a PDF or Excel.

In response to the frequently asked questions: The penises are for whether the cheese is erect or flaccid. The chemicals on the wine sheet are alcohol (well, a hydroxyl group) to denote fortified wines, and carbon dioxide for sparkling wines.

Instant Preference Voting

May 25th, 2010


Collective Trivia System

February 26th, 2010

I built this trivia system for a trivia night, so everyone could contribute questions: Trivia Site

I also made a simple sheet for cutting out fortune cookies: Fortune Cookies

Garage Sale Community Auctioning

June 18th, 2008

Sell your stuff by Community Auction! Try it out at the Garage Sale Site!

The auctions here differ from normal auctions in three big ways:

  • The seller only gets what they ask for (mostly).
  • If you lose the auction to a higher bidder, you get the difference.
  • You bid as high you want other people to pay to take the item from you, because if you win the auction, you only pay the second-place bid’s price (or you pay the asking price, if you were the only bidder).

There’s more information on the What is Community Auction Page.

J. Arthur Random’s 10th Birthday Party

March 15th, 2008

I co-chaired the group that organized J. Arthur Random’s 10th Birthday Party, for the 40th anniversary of the initial opening of my dorm, Random Hall, on February 29, 2008. The easiest contributions I have to show are my artistic attempts:

Shirt Designs: First Text (GIF and Visio); Second Text (GIF and Visio)
Map for Pins: GIF and Visio (and pin tags Visio)

The Infinite Canvas

January 1st, 2008

Participate in a collaborative art project of infinite scope! The infinite canvas lets you draw anywhere on a infinitely large canvas. And because it’s infinite in size, you can zoom in or out to any extent and make your mark on any scale.

You’ll be dropped somewhere random on the Canvas where there’s already some drawing. Use the tools at the top to move around and zoom in or out (you can do any of these indefinitely). Then select a color and start drawing! Click the save icon at the top at any time to commit your drawing to the Canvas for others to discover.

Automated Meme System

July 15th, 2007

A blog meme system which can take an arbitrary corpus of questions and answer documents. It uses googling and word frequency comparisons to determine a result.

The system randomly selects a question, displaying it to the user. When the user clicks on an answer, the system googles the words in the chosen answer and in all other answers, collecting the google result pages. It then generates word histograms for each of the answer documents and compares these to word histograms for the google result pages. For each google-answer document-answer pair, each word gets an error value, calculated is the difference of the histograms counts for that word, divided by the maximum of the two counts (or 1 if the word only appears in one histogram). These error values are summed and divided by the total number of unique words, giving a “histogram match” value between 0 and 1. A running score for each answer document is then updated by adding the match value for the answer the user chose, and subtracting the average match value for the other answers.

As questions are answered, the user can see a “percent determined” value, which is a kind of geometric average of the fraction of questions answered (completion) and the fraction that the maximum-scored answer is over the total scores (confidence). The percent determined value is calculated as 1 - sqrt((1 - completion) * (1 - confidence)).

Each quiz (a wrapper on the meme system engine) specifies a number of display constants, a file of questions, a directory of answer documents, and the result page function. The result page function should display the results of the quiz (often performing some processing on the answer page to get out information), and usually includes an image and a certain number of Nth-place answers.

You can try out the book quiz, the rocky quiz, and the fetish quiz. Download the meme engine, and any of the books, rocky, and fetish wrappers for example usage (you’ll have to save the page to a file). Also grab the html generation functions for basic tags, form elements, and my curl wrappers.

Scheme Teaching Notes

May 31st, 2007

The following are my notes and exercises from various 6.001 classes I’ve taught:

Markov Music-Maker

April 27th, 2007

The idea is to use Paul Viola’s pattern-recognition pyramids with arbitrary metrics to form the data for a Markov chainer which could automatically generate music with different features and a coherent fluid structure.

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